PAC’s 39th Annual Conference

Come out to WILMYWOOD!

6-7 March 2015

Blockade Runner Beach Resort, Wilmington, NC

The Philological Association of the Carolinas invites you to submit papers related to this year’s theme of cultural production. We welcome panel and paper proposals on the rhetorical situation of author and reader (producer-consumer); the historical and materialist context of cultural texts; translation; minor literature; and, of course, on Wilmywood films such as Blue Velvet, Empire Records, Firestarter, Lolita,and Iron Man 3.

Papers on literary, cultural, media, film and communication studies are also welcome, as are presentations on pedagogy, semiotics, linguistics, and literary and cultural theory.

For paper proposals, please email an abstract of at least 350 words and CV by 10 December 2014* to the appropriate contact. Panel proposals must include a letter of justification along with the session title; brief abstracts in English of all proposed papers; and the names, email addresses, and institutional affiliation of all participants.

American / British Topics

Dr. Kirk Boyle (

Lecturer of Literature and Language

University of North Carolina Asheville

Foreign / Comparative / Linguistics / Pedagogy Topics

Dr. David Smith (

Associate Professor of German

East Carolina University

Presenters are encouraged to submit their work to Postscript,PAC’s peer-reviewed journal, for consideration

39th Annual PAC Conference 6-7 March 2015